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Item Details : LUMINUS/ 1 KVA


Power surges and blackouts affect the performance of our electrical appliances. In order to extend their life span and avoid damage, a steady voltage is required to be maintained. An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) device usually helps in power failures by providing back up. The brand ofLuminousbrings you this topquality UPS ideally designed for continuous usage.The Luminous 1000 va double battery UPSis available for grabs online. Don’t lose this chance!

Portable & Compact Design

The Luminous 1000 va double battery UPShas a sleek and smart design. This durable UPSis very light comparatively as it hardly weighs much. You can easily shift them for various appliances. Carry it around anywhere effortlessly! Easily set them up anywhere without difficulties!

Reliable Capacity

The Luminous 1000 va double battery UPScomes with a remarkable power back up capacity. Easily shut down your systems after backing up important data even during power failures. It has an amazing voltage regulator for boost or buck. The UPS has an extremely reliable capacity!

Durable Material

You can totally rely on thislight weight UPSfor continuous usage. The top of the notch material guarantees a long lasting finish. Besides beingattractive and presentable, this UPS comes with user friendly controls. The reflective mirror finish buttons are quite appealing and make this UPS very trendy!

Perfect Utility

It is ideally designed for supporting desktops under power failures. Thissturdy UPShas a remarkably strong external body which easily remains break free. The scratch proof exterior easily tends to remain brand new.  The brilliant construction assures this UPS has a very long service life. It has alarms with various beeper modes!

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