How Purchase Products On RigAssembler?

This is a graphic guild on our checkout procedure just so that you could purchase products at our website confidently.

Steps 1

Add the product(s) into the cart by using Add To Cart option on the product page.

Step 2

Select Check Out option when you've added the products that you wish to buy.

Step 3

Fill all your information at Customer Information page. This information is used by us for billing and shipping the product.

Now press Continue to Shipping Method.

Step 4

Select your preferred Shipping Method

In this case, only one option is available but you see several shipping method (some faster, some slower, etc). Choose the one that suits you and then click on Continue To Payment Method.

Step 5

Now click on the Complete Order button.

Step 6

If you select CCAvenue then you'll see this page:

From here, just fill in your details and make the payment.

If you select Bank Deposit then your order will be placed right away and you'll see this page:

Congratulations, you've successfully placed your order.

Now you need to pay for the order so that we could dispatch the product(s) from our end. You can do so either by going to your bank's website or to the nearest branch and transfer the total amount at out account (Our Account Details are provided at the order completion page)