Nice to see that you are interested in our products :)

As you might have read on the notification, our CoD service that is easily the most popular payment mode especially in our country (India) is unfortunately not available in all parts of the country yet :/ 

As a matter of fact, our Cash on Delivery services are currently only available in Delhi and in select parts of NCR (National Capital Region).

As a consequence of the whole situation, we are forced to cancel all the CoD based orders from unsupported regions :(

But yes, we do hope to extend our services all over the India in the near future ^-^

What Can I Do About This Situation?

If you are feeling let down by this fact then don't!

Well we have just the thing to cover up the sense of security that you feel while ordering using CoD.

And what would that be?
PayUMoney is the answer.

With PayU, you can choose to release your payment only after the product arrives at the requested address safely.

You will get 1% extra rewards at PayUMoney when you use their services to pay. 

On top, refunds are super simple and fast.


We hope that we have successfully addressed all your issues regarding payments and now that you know everything, you will be able to make more of an informed purchase :)

For any queries that you might be having, feel free to contact at our support:

Our support staff is super nice and friendly :)



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