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Note that all the parts are under manufacturer’s warranty (unless specified otherwise).


One of the most important part of the build.
Most of your other component choices will be dependent on this one.

Intel AMD


Keep the CPU socket and supported chip-sets in mind while choosing the motherboard.
(Use sidebar filters to narrow down your options)

Intel AMD

System Memory

RAM will be used in all the operations that you use your PC for, be it work or gaming.
We recommend 8GB more most typical users.


Graphics Card

Heart of a gaming PC and a crucial component for content creation.
This can easily be the most expensive component of your build.


Nvidia Radeon


We highly recommend going for an SSD as it will boost the responsiveness of the system massively but you can go for a HDD only system if you’re on a budget.

Hard Disk SSD

CPU Cooler

You only need one if you are either going for an Intel K/X-Series CPU or an AMD CPU that doesn’t come with a stock heat sink.



Optical Drive


Mostly obsolete these day but can come in handy every once in a while.



Power Supply

Choose a high quality one that will be able to provide enough power to your system.

The power needed by the system will be dependent upon the overall specification.



Highly personal choice. Doesn’t make any difference with regards to the performance of the system in most cases but make a huge impact on the overall esthetics.




All of different options here.
Depending on your needs you can either go with a basic one or with a higher refresh rate monitor for gaming. Maybe an ultra-wide for productivity?

Your budget would mostly make the decision for you.


Keyboard & Mouse

Most people can do away with a simple set of keyboard/mouse but most gamers and enthusiasts will mostly prefer mechanical keyboards and high precision mouse.




Additional Components

We’ve already covered all of the core components.

Just add what you find missing from the build, like wireless card, high speed Ethernet modem, headphone, etc.



A minimal rig order must contain a Processor, Motherboard, RAM, at least one Storage Drive and a Cabinet for the fact that without even one of those a Desktop can’t be built.

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